Upco, together with the Coveme group of which it belongs, underwent an ESG rating assessment through the Ecomate platform, in view of the publication of the group's first Sustainability Report which will take place in 2023.

Thanks to this evaluation system it was possible to transform the information from qualitative into quantitative and therefore it was possible to make it measurable and comparable.

This tool has helped Upco to create awareness within the company and now becomes a guide to change, allowing the company to make a series of strategic choices in view of a sustainable development plan.

The ESG rating grade was BBB, a good starting point for Upco which will commit itself during 2023 and in the following years to improve the rating with a view to sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

To know more : https://ecomate.eu/

If you need furthere information please contact : info@upcotec.com