Production technology

Most advanced coating and curing technologies for customized solutions

The production of Upco® is based in Gorizia, Italy, within the production plant of Coveme which, with its eight production lines and a thirty-year experience and know-how in the conversion of polyester film, represents a strong point for Upco®.
Upco®‘s cutting-edge production line is unique and highly performing: the solventless production process, in clean-room, guarantees an elevated standard and combines the latest coating and curing technologies, also from an eco-sustainable point of view.
All incoming raw material is examined and batched before undergoing an air shower process that leads into the production area. Latest curing technologies combined with ultra matt or gloss finish and the option of realizing specific textures make Upco® products the ideal choice for manufacturing surfaces with a constant and reproducible quality.
Pre-treatment options that the client can choose from include heat-stabilization and corona, the maximum coating width of the line is 2250mm, and the final product can be supplied in rolls or sheets.